G-Cord Headband Headphones for Kids (Monster Design)
    UPC: 6957738072028
    • Build-in volume limiter that helps prevent unsafe sound volumes
    • Enjoy high-quality audio with G-Cord Headband Headphones
    • Connector Size 3.5mm (1/8 in.)
    • Perfect travel accessory
    • 1 years limited warranty

    Super comfortable headband headphones designed for kids who struggle with bulky headphones or painful earbuds. 
    Our headband headphones feature adjustable speakers and no kink cable. 
    Our headband is beloved by thousands of kids and parents. 
    They are super fun and comfortable and will not slip off like standard bulky headphones. 
    This is the perfect travel accessory. Easy to pack and will not interfere with car seat. 
    Volume limited for hearing protection. 

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